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We are excited about your contribution to the Graduate Students Creative Activities and Research Forum. Please ensure your abstract submission complies with the following guidelines:

Abstract Title Limit

Your title must be less than 200 characters long.

Abstract Format

  • 1 .5 inch margins on both sides
  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • At the top of the summary, bold and center the title
  • Bold all students' names who will serve as presenters for this project, and provide academic majors of the student presenters
  • Provide the names and department affiliation of all others who contributed to the project (e.g. graduate students, postdoctoral, lab staff members, etc.)
  • Single space within the paragraph(s). Double space between paragraphs
  • Double space and italicize your faculty mentor's name and provide the department affiliation if applicable
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not use underlining, boldface type, italics, subscripts, or superscripts within the body of the summary
  • Do not include any codes for justification, hyphenation, line centering, page centering, page numbering. suppression or tabs
  • Do not use bulleted lists
  • Do not include phone numbers or e-mail addresses in the body of the abstract
  • Do not use all caps

Abstract Limit

Your abstract should be no more than a 250 word summary. Use a word processing program to type your abstract and rely on the word count function to verify the number or words. In addition, allow the word processing program to check for misspellings.

Abstract Content

Your abstract should include:

  1. Objective of the research
  2. Thesis or hypothesis
  3. Methodology or approaches to address the thesis or hypothesis, and
  4. Summary of the findings or relevant results associated with the project.

 Submitting the Abstract

  • Use a word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word) to mitigate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Then send it as an attachment to curca@siu.edu, Please make sure to put *Graduate Students Creative Activities and Research Forum* in the subject box. 

***Abstract submission deadline is Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 4:00 pm. ***

Please Note: The abstract submission deadline will not be extended past due date

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